Client: Different

Collective members involved: Lyndsey Yates

Lyndsey was approached by Different, a Liverpool based design company responsible for many excellent projects within the city, for help with some graphics work for the new Lunya restaurant in Liverpool One.

Three items were required: window graphics, a map graphic with accompanying removable supplier info, and a tall graphic which would give a feel for the culture of Lunya.

Lyndsey opted for a typographic approach for the window graphics, with words and phrases that would give passers-by a good idea of what to expect inside. The graphics would help communicate the range of food and drink Lunya have to offer, but also give a feel for the kind of place it is – an inclusive, family friendly restaurant that prides itself on finding brilliant suppliers and wonderful new things for people to try.

In the previous Lunya, the maps on the wall were often a talking point where people would gather and talk about the places they had been. The owners wanted to continue this tradition into the new venue, so a large map was created. On this map, they wanted to be able to put details about their suppliers. To do this, a template was created that the owners could update as & when suppliers are added/changed. These would be laminated and placed around the map so customers can see more about the suppliers.

The tall graphic needed to pictorially represent the ethos of Lunya. It needed to represent their suppliers, their food, and the family owned, friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. Using photographs provided by Peter and Elaine, Lyndsey felt the best approach would be a collage. Anything with hard edges or a clean/minimal design wouldn’t be very ‘Lunya’, so Lyndsey created a design incorporating the photographs of artwork, landscapes, products, staff alongside hand drawn elements, torn edges and lots of texture.