Ravatherm Floorboard Promotion

Client: Ravatherm UK Ltd.

Project Overview: Ravatherm UK Ltd previously existed as Polyfoam under Knauf Insulation ownership. Since the acquisition of the business, Lyndsey has been working closely with the Ravatherm UK marketing team to update and re-design their marketing materials with the new brand.

This project is just one of many that we have completed for the company. Lyndsey was tasked with creating a set of supporting materials for their end of 2017 promotion on their Floorboard product. They needed a flyer, a set of offer sheets and a solutions brochure.

Content was supplied by the client, and Lyndsey took over the layout and design. The design of the solutions guide is to be used on the full product solution guide to come in 2018, so it was important to get it right so that we have a template to work from in future, ensuring consistency across their brand. The flyer was used across social media and in email campaigns as well as in printed form.