Client: Cleversteam

Collective members involved: Lyndsey Yates

Cleversteam are a Liverpool based digital agency specialising in creating websites for the travel and sports sector. Lyndsey was approached by Cleversteam for assistance with this project. Cleversteam had created the logo, but they needed an accompanying set of brand guidelines. Lyndsey created the brand guidelines, specifying typefaces, colour schemes and logo do’s and don’ts. The guidelines provide a set of rules that anyone tasked with creating something for the brand should adhere to. This ensures all marketing materials the client creates in future have a consistent brand message and aesthetic.

Alongside the branding project, Lyndsey was also asked to assist with a new design for the clients website. Lyndsey was involved in the initial round of design ideas for the Freiwilligenarbeit website, and designed the concept from which Cleversteam then worked with their client to produce the final design.