Cariad Rose Brand Coach Brand Identity

Cariad Rose is an individual with one heck of a brand strategy head on her. Not only does she know her stuff when it comes to tech, pop culture and digital marketing, but she has a passion for ethical business practices too. In the world of marketing, this is something we hugely respect here at Nine Dots Creative. Getting to put Cariad’s kick ass, honest and creative personality into a brand identity was something Lyndsey was excited to work on!

The brief

Cariad spends a lot of time on Instagram posting weekly brand news, brand histories, brand strategy tips, and promoting her fantastic #contentplannersclub. With that in mind, it was important to design the brand identity to work across digital platforms, with various options depending on the available space. A brand identity that can be overlaid over photographs without any legibility issues is important for Cariad. Additionally, she needs a design system in place that enables her to create on-brand, clear and impactful content easily. This enables her to create posts quickly and efficiently.

The result

Lyndsey created a design system with a selection of varying logos to allow for flexibility of use. For example, the full logo, strapline and all, for when space is in abundance. When space is limited, the smaller, icon-style logo really comes into it’s own. Different colour options allow for variety without straying from the main aesthetic of the brand. Cariad already had some ideas for how she wanted to use text in her communications. Bold, sans-serif text placed on a solid background was something Cariad had experimented with in her Instagram posts. She had found it to work well. Building on this, Lyndsey suggested a suitable pairing of typefaces.

Cariad is building a personal brand as a speaker and thinker. Therefore, the speechmark element of the logo really spoke to her. This is also a nod to the communicative element of this marketing business. We think it works wonderfully as a really strong icon. And an icon of ethical brand strategy is what Cariad is.

Finally, as with all our branding projects, Cariad received a full set of brand guidelines and a collect folder of all the assets she will need to implement her brand across a variety of platforms.

What the client said

“I’ve worked with Lyndsey for years on my own branding and with my clients, and she always brings my vision to life, but this project in particular blew me away.

I absolutely love what Nine Dots did with my rebrand brief, it is now so easy to keep my brand identity sharp across all my platforms. I can easily create content for social media that is “on brand”, and always get compliments on how recognisable my branding is.”

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