C-Capture Brand Identity

Working with businesses with a focus on sustainability is high up on our “ideal” list. When Helen, a client Lyndsey has worked with previously, got in touch to say the business she is now working at (C-Capture) needed a brand identity, Lyndsey was intrigued.

The UK Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the United Kingdom by 80% on 1990 levels by 2050. To meet this target, the government has been urged to invest in carbon capture technology, or risk failure to meet targets. C-Capture is a new ‘clean energy’ technology company. Their goal is to make energy cleaner through de-carbonisation and use of renewable fuels. In addition, they want to do so without making it prohibitively expensive to the consumer.

After meeting with Helen and Chris from C-Capture, Lyndsey was eager to help them re-brand the company. The re-brand will enable them to attract further investment. It will be used to update their website, and portray C-Capture as an innovative and ground breaking company.

The Process

The project begins with a discovery session. The purpose of this session is for us to find out as much about the company as possible. We ask lots of questions, we take lots of notes. Sometimes a brand already has brand values in place, other times we use this session to draft them. We also find out about the target audience, creating brand personas which we refer back to throughout the branding process. A vision for the brand is drafted.

Upon returning to the office Lyndsey begins creating mood boards. These set a direction for the overall brand, making sure everyone is on the same page. The brand vision is agreed. Once we settle on a direction, the next part of the process can begin – the logo!

Lyndsey drafts logo options and provides three options. The client chooses one, sometimes with some slight tweaks. Once we have the final logo, we create the brand guidelines. The brand guidelines are intended for use by anyone who will create anything for the business. They include things like:

  • Audience summary
  • Brand vision
  • Brand values
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Brand colours
  • Brand typefaces
  • Image guidance
  • Example materials

Finally, Lyndsey packages up all the logo files and brand guidelines ready for supplying to the client. Sometimes it can take a little time to fully implement a completely new brand identity. We are always available for further support should there be any questions or requirements.

Looking for something similar?

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