You may have seen Lyndsey’s previous work on the restaurant graphics for Lunya. After the success of this project, Lyndsey was asked back by Liverpool based interior design company, Different, to get involved with the restaurant graphics for Lunyalita.

Based in the beautiful setting of the Albert Dock, Liverpool, Lunyalita is the little sister of Lunya. More compact, with a slightly different offering and vibe, but still crammed with delicious Catalan delights.

Lyndsey was commissioned to create four things:

Lunyalita logo

The original Lunya logo is a strong brand identity. The owners had their own ideas of how they would like the ‘lita’ element incorporated into this. Working with them, Lyndsey created a logo that the client was happy with, and worked on all the intended locations.

Interior Graphics

For the interior wall graphics, the owners wanted something different to the interior graphic created for the Hanover Street Lunya. This graphic is in a highly visible location, seen through a full height glass window from the docks. It needs to grab the attention of passers by and give an indication as to the kind of food and drink they should find inside. It was a chance to show Lunyalita’s own identity in comparison to that of Lunya. The result was a bright, bold and informative piece that mixed both text and image. It gives the many tourists and locals who pass by a quick peek at what to expect within.

Exterior Graphics

On the Gower Street side of the restaurant, the client requested a similar window treatment to that used at Lunya on Hanover Street. The Albert Dock places restrictions on these designs, so it is important to work within these constraints. Similar to thae graphic seen from the dock side, the aim of the window graphics is to give passers by a taste of the kinds of things they might find inside and an idea of the ethos of Lunya.


The food and drink offering at Lunyalita is huge. Fitting everything onto menus that wouldn’t obscure the diners from each other is quite the challenge! Lyndsey collaborated with the owners to create three separate menus. The food menu shows the breakfast, lunch and dinner options. There is a drinks menu with everything you would expect plus some fantastic additions such as specialist gins. And what would a Catalan restaurant be without some Sangria?! Finally there is a dessert and hot drinks menu. All nestle into a petite holder on the table, each visible above the other when stacked correctly.

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