Putting yourself ‘out there’ can be one of the most daunting things as a freelancer. But nobody is going to do it for you, right?

Not entirely right… there may be a solution to this, and more of the little ‘quirks of the job’ that come with being a freelancer. You may find them within the collective. Read below to find out more about the benefits, and click here to read my manifesto.

Competitive edge

As a lonely freelancer you may not be able to compete with agencies for the bigger clients. Working collaboratively with collective members, pooling our skills together, means you can.

Skill sharing

Spotted a job you would love to take on but don’t quite have the skill set to cover it? Collaborate with other members, and maybe even learn something new in the process!

Spread the load

Fed up of juggling creative work with client admin? Spinning all those plates can be stressful. Nine Dots Creative offer the option of adding an account manager to your project. We’ll even handle the invoicing!


You know when you do work for an agency and you never get the recognition for it, and often you’re not even permitted to put the work on your own website or in your portfolio? Nine Dots Creative isn’t like that – everything done through the collective will be attributed to everyone involved.


Everyone in the collective will be responsible for promoting the collective. This means you’re not going it alone; you’re not solely responsible for putting yourself out there. There’s a whole bunch of us working on getting everyone more work. It doesn’t mean you get to sit back and let everyone else do all the work, but it does mean you can amplify your efforts considerably.

Community love

There’s a lovely little crew of fellow creatives to bounce ideas off. Need help solving a problem? Got a particularly troublesome client you could do with some advice on? Need someone to critique your latest design or help solve a bug that’s been battering your head for days?! Ask away!

Extra income

If you bring work to others in the collective, you get a fee for that. We take a small percentage of the project cost, not the large lump many agencies take out of your hourly rate! We like to share the wealth!

Keep your freedom

Being a freelancer has some great points. Working from home, choosing your hours, working in your underpants, having more family time, even choosing your clients – you can still do all this as part of the collective.


 Interested in joining our collective? Get in touch to have a chat.