Problem Child Originals Festival

Early in 2023, Problem Child Brewing had an idea…brewing. As lovers of discovering new bands, they wanted to put on a music festival celebrating and showcasing up and coming local musical talent. As the cogs turned and the wheels started moving, they realised they could do with some help in the promotion of the festival. Which is where I came in! Working with their already existing branding, I was comissioned to create and schedule their social media campaign.

I put together a schedule including content such as:

  • Artist info
  • Ticket info
  • Line up/running order
  • Information about the food and drink offering

The content went out across their Facebook and Instagram social accounts. With the event being brand new, these accounts had no followers. Organically building that audience with genuine followers makes sure the groundwork is set for the promotion of any future event.

Black and white photograph of the crowd dancing in front of the stage at Problem Child Originals Music Festival

It was brilliant to be at the event and witness all these up and coming artists. This festival is about finding bands we hope to see at Glastonbury in a couple of years, so here’s hoping it has set the stage for that!

So if you have a music festival that needs some content for social media, get in touch! I have lots of event experience and get really passionate about this kind of work so would love to speak to you.