Music Literacy Ireland Brand Identity

Music Literacy Ireland is a music education service that provides tailor-made and general CPD workshops for teachers, aspiring third-level students, and music aficionados. Music Literacy Ireland needed a brand identity that looked professional, friendly and trustworthy. The business is about the growth and nurture of the people who use the service.

The project

Lyndsey worked with the client to write a brief for the project. From this, the logo proposals and accompanying colour and font selections were presented. Working with the client, a final direction was chosen and the brand guidelines were created. The logo itself encompasses the nurturing aspect of the business with the leaf shapes. The book represents the wealth of knowledge held in the business and the desire of the clients to learn. In the negative space, a crotchet hints at the musical focus of the business. The colour choices and accompanying fonts help to communicate the trustworthiness, friendliness and professionalism values the company holds.

Ongoing support

Lyndsey helped the client with further inquiries regarding printing, merchandise etc. We never hand a brand over to a client and leave them alone – we love to get involved in all the stages afterwards, and are open to answering questions about brand direction, printing – anything a new business owner might not feel comfortable with!

We hope to work with Music Literacy Ireland on an ongoing basis and look forward to seeing this new business do great things for the music education sector in Ireland!

What our client had to say:

Working with Lyndsey at Nine Dots Creative was a pleasure from the very first email and I won’t say to the last because I see myself working with Lyndsey into the future. Although I had liaised with designers on projects in the past in work, this was my first time to set up a business. I didn’t just want my business name, I wanted a logo and for that logo to capture a concept.

I had spoken to a number of designers and while everyone had something to offer and were certainly engaging with me, Lyndsey’s professionalism stood out. Everything was clear from the start (whether she thought her skills would suit my needs, her approach, and the cost). Lyndsey’s process helped me to clarify my business ideas even further and she worked with me until she captured exactly what I wanted. I was particularly impressed by her patience when I found it difficult to settle on colours. Her knowledge and advice around my indecisiveness was reassuring.

Lyndsey not only designed my logo, she also considered branding, which included fonts (another area where I was indecisive and her patience was welcomed). On finalising my business logo, I received a set of guidelines. I was also offered advice about different print finishes, copywriting, website design and expected costs. More recently, I have asked Lyndsey advice on banners and was delighted to have her design one for me. I see our work relationship as one that will continue into the future. Lyndsey didn’t treat me as one of many clients, but rather as a client whose needs mattered, only ever being an email away. I highly recommend working with Lyndsey at Nine Dots Creative. You won’t be disappointed.”

Looking for something similar?

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