Midwifery Unit Network – Standards brochure

Following the successful Midwifery Unit Network re-brand, Lyndsey was commissioned to design the Standards brochure for the organisation. MUNet worked with the European Midwives Association (EMA) to develop the Midwifery Unit Standards. The standards brochure aims to provide the quality assurance necessary to scale up the implementation of midwifery units across Europe. The Midwifery Unit Standards are designed for providers of midwifery unit care to self-assess their provision against key quality criteria and to plan service improvements.

The Standards are relevant to anyone who is setting up, running, or working in a midwifery unit. The brochure is also an important resource for those who are responsible for the organisation of national, regional and local health services and allocating resources. Midwifery unit support services, such as ambulances, obstetric unit clinicians and service managers will also find the Standards to be of interest.

Distribution of the Standards brochure would be in both printed and digital format. Therefore, it was important that both were taken into consideration in the design. It is a very text heavy document so it was important that images, where available, were included. The emotive and powerful photography used on the front cover was by Susie Fisher. As the Midwifery Unit Network is all about women and their families, it was important that the front cover be focused on such.

The Standards were launched at the July 2018 conference. Printed copies were handed out to all delegates and the digital version uploaded to the new website.

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