Level Accountants

Client: Level Accountants

Collective members involved: Lyndsey Yates & Dave Harland

A Bolton based accountants were re-branding, and contacted Dave to assist with the copy for their website and marketing materials. They also required someone to do their new visual brand, and so Dave brought Lyndsey onboard the project to take care of that side.

The business owners had decided on Level Accountants as the new name. This was derived from the fact that their core customers are tradesmen. Level Accountants needed a brand that would appeal to this audience, but something that didn’t go so far as to put off other potential clients. The accountants are all about helping the business owner grow their business, guiding them on a journey, and plan for the future. They’re not just about end of year accounts. It was decided that the brand would go down a gamification route; both in the copy that was used, and in the icons and other visual elements used on the site. The logo was to hint at this, but not be too literal so that it would stand the test of time.

Dan from Level Accountants was really pleased with the branding work done by both Lyndsey and Dave, and has implemented it on the website with great results.