British Triathlon – Best of British

With a well-established brand, it’s possible to still have fun with your social media graphics. Changing it up every now and then keeps your social feeds fresh, on-trend and engaging. This is exactly what British Triathlon does. And without veering so off-brand that the viewer can’t tell whose content it is they’re seeing.

To increase brand awareness and grow revenue generation across their product suite, British Triathlon created their “Best of British” campaign. It was to promote the best British Triathlon has to offer – from grassroots level to elite sport, across age groups, and including all their products and services.

Lyndsey at Nine Dots Creative was brought onto the project to create the library of editable social media and web templates the team would use to communicate the messages of this campaign. Using the established brand identity, various assets were created along the “ticker tape” and “frame” themes which content (images and text) could then be dropped into. Plenty of options meant the best templates could be chosen to suit the content, and the social, web and email communications would not become repetitive over the 3 months the campaign ran for.

If you have a well-established brand and would like to have some fun with your social media and online content – get in touch! We can provide you with an entirely editable suite of online posts to elevate your content.

If you’re just starting out or your brand is still getting established, creating a set of editable social media graphics for you to build your business with, is really beneficial. This is something we can definitely help you with, so please do get in touch for a no obligation chat.