Nine Dots Creative exists because...

…we’re stronger together. Freelancers working in isolation can only go so far. Working together, we can go as far as we like, in any direction we like.

Stronger together building blocks

…being free agents gives us space to be creative. It’s about direction again; if I have the power to say no to a job, then I empower myself and my colleagues to be doing only what we love. That passion shows through.

An illustrative design of intersecting circles with the text around the outer circle

…I value the work freelancers do. Freelancers have chosen this path because they have a passion, sometimes an all-out geeky obsession, with what they do. I recognise that.

'We value the work freelancers do' hand drawn in various tools and images associated with creative trades, on a sketch book. In black and white.

…I believe collaboration beats competition. Teaming up with those who have complementary skills to my own can only strengthen my offering. Why go into competition with someone when together you could create something awesome?

Collaboration beats competition written in 3D bold type from an isometric viewpoint

…I’m a little rebellious. I love the unexpected, and I love being subversive. As Einstein said, doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. I’m not mad.

Illustration of girl wearing a black bowler hat with ears blowing a bubblegum bubble. On it reads the text "We're a little rebellious"

…I believe in being a free range human who can go outside and play when I need to. We were not made to sit on our bums all day, and with a change of scenery can come so much more inspiration. Technology allows us to be move our place of work. Let’s embrace that.

Illustration of mountain scape with typographic design of the 'free range humans' sentence from our manifesto

…I want to work in a community rather than a company. It’s not so much about wanting to be my own boss, but rather about seeing that everyone can be a leader. Give them a chance, see where they lead, that’s what I say.

Typographic poster using circles and triangles as metaphors for working in either a community or a company.

…I believe great design should be accessible to every business. I don’t just mean affordable, but understandable too. Jargon must be kept to a minimum. Along with acronyms.

Typographic poster that reads "accessible to every business"

…I imagine a world where bad design is banished to the depths from whence it came, and good design doesn’t go to heaven, but stays right here for us to enjoy. I’m not saying I’m perfect, heck, sometimes we find beauty in the imperfect. There’s just some rules that should never, ever, be broken. Even us rebellious types know that.

Abstract design using cubes with backgrounds ranging from blue skies at the top to red caves at the bottom.