If finding out more about us has you excited to work with us, get in touch. We’re always happy to meet up to have a chat about your requirements.

Here you can find out about all the benefits we can offer you and your business when you hire us. We know we’re not ‘standard’ – but neither is your business, right? The flexibility of the collective is something we pride ourselves on – read on to find out why we think this new approach to creative services is the best! If you want to read our manifesto – the very reasons we exist – click here.


If you’ve been pointed in our direction by a freelancer you’re currently using, we don’t want to detract from that relationship. Your freelancer can simply call on the trusted services of others in the collective for any projects they don’t have the skillset for!

Looking to build a relationship with a super friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and trustworthy group of creatives? You’ve come to the right place.

Easy payments

We take the hassle out of using multiple freelancers by handling all the payments. We’re like a little pick n mix team of creatives – and you only pay for the ones you need, when you need them.

Account management

We offer the option of having an account manager. It’s totally fine if you would prefer to continue to deal with the freelancer you know and love, but the option is there should the project benefit from this. If you want or need to talk to the other creatives involved, that’s fine too! We’re not secretive!

Tried & tested

You may have a freelancer you love, but how many did you go through before you found one that didn’t let you down? All members of our collective are either previously known to us, or came with recommendations. All are reviewed annually.

The power of no

Something we love about being freelancers is the ability to say no to a project. What!? That’s a good thing?! Sure! Who would you want working on your project – the guy at the agency who just happened to be free when your project came along, who really doesn’t ‘get’ your business but has no choice in the matter, or the freelancer who has the choice?


 Interested in hiring our collective? Get in touch to have a chat.