Hi! I’m Lyndsey. I’m a graphic designer, and the founder of Nine Dots Creative. I work with other talented freelancers to give your business the look and sound you need to stand out.

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About me

I’m an inquisitive soul, never one to shy away from a challenge, and helpful in more ways than just design. I’ll ask questions you haven’t thought of.  I’ll bring experience you may not have had. I’ll take the seed of a great idea and blossom it into a thing of beauty!

I work with other freelancers to form a collective when a project needs more than design. That includes (but isn’t limited to) photography, copywriting, web development, animation and illustration.

I’m the kind of people who likes taking the reins herself, but recognises when two heads are better than one. You’ll get a really good feel for me and my attitude towards the work I do by having a read of my manifesto.

Where I am

Personally I’m based in West Lancashire, UK. I like to meet the freelancers I work with in person when possible, so most of us are based in and around the North West UK. Our work however, is not limited to where we are based. We’ve had clients in London, Spain, Australia and the USA. With modern technology – we can be anywhere!

What I do

I’ve worked across a variety of sectors – including construction, environmental, hospitality, events and medical. But did I mention I was inquisitive? I’m a fast learner too. Throw anything at me.

As a collective, we can do: branding, design for environment (exhibition displays, signage, commercial interiors), design for print, packaging, illustration, websites, apps, photography, copywriting, animation and advertising.

Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a fully established business, we are the team you need.

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